Figura Academy

Two-year program

How can you develop your craftsmanship as a figurative sculptor? The human being is your point of departure, but who will help you understand the human body?

September 2018 Figura has launched Sculpture, an intensive two-year course that work predominantly from live models. It offers a course curriculum that emphasises the importance of observation and takes the time to practice it. Participants are taught by instructors who have studied at The Florence Academy of Art, a renowned classical academy for realistic figurative fine arts. Figura seeks to emphasise craft over the ‘classical’ and quality over quantity, focusing on craftsmanship in preparation of artistry.


Figura offers workshops for beginners and advanced students that help you develop and improve the student’s skills. The workshops are hold at Figura Academy ‘s studio in Amsterdam or at Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

“Sanne van Tongeren has an uncanny ability to bring questions to students and professionals alike that they would have never thought to ask themselves, opening them up to numerous more possibilities in their pursuit of figurative sculpture.”

Robert Bodem, director fundador of The Florence Academy o programa escultura de arte.

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“Wonderful intensive training based on the Florence Academy of Art method with many exciting and versatile assignments and projects, where you are constantly working with models. In a short time I have learned a lot and in a fun way. If you truly want to learn to sculpt, then I highly recommended Figura!” 

— Sylvia de Bok

“ I feel very fortunate to attend Figura and study figurative sculpture with Sanne. This program is very structurally set up, which allows you to progress step by step. Sanne is very experienced in teaching, she always seems to know what I need and where I can still improve; She really cares about my personal development. Because I came with a different background than others, she allowed me to start with a tailor made program and later transitioned me back into the general one. And the learning environment at school is always quite joyful. “

— Ruby Yang

“ For me this study is a dream, a dream I did not even know I had. A step further than any other sculpture school I could find.”

— Maritska van Cleef