Two-year programme

In 2018 FIGURA launches an Intensive Sculpture Programme in Amsterdam. This programme is designed to allow part-time students to complete an intensive sculpting course in two consecutive years. Students work under a teacher’s guide after nude models. The training follows the methods of the classical European academies of Fine Arts. The programme is:

  • intensive: it offers more than 500 model hours. Students work over the course of two years towards life-size sculpture.
  • small-scale: it is designed according to the master/apprentice model. The difference is that the apprentice is not working for the master, but the teacher-master works with the student-apprentice. The teachers are primarily instructors but secondly they set an example.
  • unique in the Netherlands: the amount of model hours and contact hours in the sculpture programme is unique in the Netherlands and rare in Europe. The principle teacher and guest teachers are all very experienced in their field of fine arts and they are all alumni and (former) teachers of The Florence Academy of Art.


The programme is based on the classical methods of the old classical European academies of Fine Arts, now taught in The Florence Academy of Art. In order to convey these same methods in a part-time programme, FIGURA reserves less time for drawing, investing fully in sculpting hours for the students. However, drawing remains an important part of the training. The first year masterclasses cover the basics of drawing after the life model. Every Tuesday evening there is an evening drawing session and students who desire to further develop their drawing skills will be offered instructions for self-study.


The first year of the programme (10 September 2018 – 19 June 2019) contains three terms (winter, spring and fall). In each term 10 out of 12 weeks will be devoted to sculpture, 1 week to a masterclass and 1 week to completing the term (presentation, final critique). Last term 2 weeks for mold making.

Calendar 2018-2020

A school week consists of 6 sessions:

  • two on Monday (9-12 AM and 1 tot 4 PM)
  • three on Tuesday (9-12 AM, 1-4 PM and 5-7 PM)
  • one on Wednesday (9-12 AM)

Tuesday evening is dedicated to life drawing, the other sessions to sculpture. Nota bene: Every masterclass-week is prolonged by the preceding weekend and contains therefore 10 sessions.


  • In the first year students primarily work on so-called ‘half-size figures’ and on portraiture. The first term is a little different. To learn the basics of observation students will work on short-term assignments after plaster casts.
  • In their second year students work on half-size figures and full-size torso’s.

Every term a guest teacher will teach one intensive week. The first year masterclasses focus on drawing techniques. The second year masterclasses focus on anatomy.

Cultural events / art reflection

A cultural calendar will be presented with activities regarding exhibitions and art events in Europe that may interest figurative sculptors. These activities are optional and extracurricular.


FIGURA gives students the opportunity to continue their studies in the studio space of the Academy outside class hours. This enables them to invest more time in their class assignments or to go independently through the drawing programme.


After sending in your application you will receive a letter about the selection procedure. First selection is based on the submission of a motivation letter. Consequently you will be invited for an application interview.


If you require any further information about the two-year programme, please contact principal instructor Sanne van Tongeren.