Alexander Kafoussias

Alexander Kafoussias (Stockholm, Sweden) is visiting instructor Anatomy. As a designer and sculptor he has a background in industrial design (BFA) and graduated in sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art in 2012. At the moment he works as a freelance sculptor at Madame Tussauds in London. Alex is an expert in human anatomy for artists. Alongside with sculpting from life he did écorchés in both Zbrush and clay. After graduating he created the app ‘écorché assistant’.

Eirik Arnesen

Eirik (Oslo, Noorwegen) has been visiting instructor in the sculpture programme. He received his education in the figurative arts at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy, where he studied sculpture under Robert Bodem. His focus is on the human body and the goal is to produce carefully thought out works with solid construction and organic naturalism in order to create a convincing image of the human body in accordance with the realist tradition. 

At the moment, I strive to include several priorities in my work, first and foremost accurate observation of the subject in pursuit of work that contain some of the gravity and physicality found in the natural world.

Georgina Mills

Georgina (Adelaide, Australië) has been visiting instructor in the sculpture programm. She currently works as an assistant in the anatomy and écorché programme at The Florence Academy of Art.

I have always represented the human condition and its ironic relationship with life throughout my artistic practice. Currently my creative applications have shifted direction to explicitly exploring the human figure from life through traditional means. Through this I will juxtapose classical figurative techniques with contemporary ideas and my personal exploration of life. Producing work that not only challenges both genres but the individual viewer.

Ilse Nass

Ilse (Maastricht) is principal instructor in Figura’s drawing programme. She successfully completed her Master’s degree in Photography at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussel. Alongside of her interest in photography she has always been attracted to drawing and painting. She made them her focus in a further degree at the Classical Academy of Fine Arts Groningen. During three years of part-time study a cherished dream became reality: she managed to continue her studies at The Florence Academy of Art full-time, where she graduated in 2014. Her work is currently focused around commissions and a further development of technique. In her commissions she tries to seek out the inner world of the person she portrays.

Joeri Lefévre

Joeri Lefévre is principal instructor in Figura’s evening drawing programme. He is a freelance illustrator / concept-artist working on traditional illustration and making various illustrative content for games and other media. The root of his style is a dialogue between a traditional, hand-drawn or painterly approach and the specific stylistic needs of every project. Joeri studied Game Design and Development at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and followed additional classical training in drawing and painting at the Klassieke Academie Groningen and The Angel Academy of Art in Florence. He has been a lecturer at the HKU and teaches life drawing in various ateliers in Amsterdam.

Mischa Tranquilli 

Mischa (Connecticut, Verenigde Staten) is guest instructor figure drawing in Figura’s first year drawing programme.

She began drawing and painting from a young age. As a child, she realized her strong desire to become a fine artist while studying from her grandfather, Walter Tranquilli, a skilled draftsman and sculptor whose family emigrated to the United States from Italy. Mischa’s desire to pursue a classical art education led her back to her family’s ancestral country when she was 20, where she would go on to study at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence. After graduating from the academy in 2017, she moved to The Netherlands, where she currently divides her time between teaching and painting.​ She draws inspiration for her art from her own life experiences and her personal writing. She was most recently named the first place winner of The Representational Art Conference 2018 juried exhibition in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.​

Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund is a painter and former director of the anatomy program at the Florence Academy of Art. Per Elof (Örnsköldsvik, Sweden) has taught at The Florence Academy of Art for more than a decade and has recently returned to his hometown in northern Sweden.

Today his exploration takes form as dialogs based in his Sami heritage, history, and cultures, drawing knowledge and inspiration from archeological, ancient and classical art. Spending his time working between wilderness and civilization, the north of Sweden and the living museums of the world. Through this Per Elof found a way of internalizing how art has been translated and conveyed in the world throughout history.

Sanne van Tongeren

Sanne van Tongeren is a sculptor and a scholar of ancient Greek and Latin. She has been principal instructor in the sculpture programme at The Florence Academy of Art. Though her work enters into dialogue with the old masters, her sculptures are contemporary. Humans and the human body are a source of inspiration to her, and the human body and human movement form an integral part of both her illustrations and her sculptures.

My fascination with human motion is closely entwined with my fascination for music and dance; and because I cannot dance, I sculpt.

Her figures and portraits emanate strength, but also quietude:

Sculpture is not photography. Photographs portray a moment captured, but sculptures are rather a visualisation of time. And you might say my figures contain a restrained dynamic: the start of motion is always my point of departure.

Thomas Langeveld 

Thomas (Haarlem) is is guest instructor figure drawing in Figura’s first year drawing programme.

He has been active as an artist for over 15 years and began his career as a self-taught artist in drawing, painting, and sculpture. From 2014 – 2017, he studied at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, where he learned a classical method of painting which he would go on to incorporate in his own personal working approach. His art has exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions in The Netherlands, Belgium, United States, and Italy, and has been sold in private collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Thomas has made many travels to far eastern countries, where he draws much inspiration for his personal works. His repertoire varies, but he mostly focuses on portraiture and figural works.